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Balancing Facial Toner Mist

Balancing Facial Toner Mist

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Size - 3.4 fl. oz.

For all skin types.

Our gentle Balancing Facial Toner Mist helps balance the pH level of your skin without the use of harsh alcohols, perfumes and detergents, which strip the skin of its natural oils causing pores to become enlarged.


Lavender essential oil, Niacinamide and extracts of Chamomilla Recutita Flower help to brighten, soothe and balance the skin while closing large pores leaving the skin fresh and clear.

  • Reduces appearance of pores

  • Balances pH of skin.

  • Reduces excessive natural oil production

How To Use

After cleansing the face at night, hold approximately 6 inches away from face and spray 3-4 pumps. Use fingertips to evenly distribute spray.
Allow to dry before applying treatment serum.
Also, can be used first thing in the morning before zinc oxide based broad spectrum SPF.

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